Digital & Web Analytics Training & Workshops

We offer several training options for you and your team to get trained in Digital & Web Analytics. Our instructors has taught and trained thousands of individuals and organization in Web and Digital Analytics over the course of last 17+ years.

Today CMO's one of the top proprieties is to find the talent that can find the insights in this data and provide actionable recommendation to move the marketing forward and business forward. That's exactly what we train our analysts in.

Online Web & Digital Analytics Program

We offer online program that teaches you everything you need to know and become a world class Web and Digital Analyst.  The classes are offered multiple times a year.

Enroll in the class at Optizent Academy - Become a Digital & Web Analyst

Customized Online Program or On-site Workshop for your entire team

We offer customized training for your organization and team.  We work with you to understand your team structure, roles, needs and create a curriculum that will provide the maximum value. The teams that we have trained include:

  1. Web Analysts
  2. Media Analysts
  3. Digital Product Management
  4. Digital Program Management
  5. Digital Strategy
  6. Search Analysts - Paid or Organic
  7. Social Media Analysts
  8. Email Marketing Analysts
  9. Web Designers
  10. Web Developers
  11. Public Relations

Get in touch with us today and find out what program will make sense for you.