Why Audit Your Digital & Web Analytics Tags

Data Quality is one of the top reasons why companies fail to fully utilize the value of data.  Bad data quality not only leads to mistrust among stakeholders but also can have a negative impact on customers' experience with your brand.

Some of the top reason for bad data quality in Digital Analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.) are

  1. Missing tags on pages
  2. Misconfigured tags
  3. Missing or incomplete values for various tags
  4. Missing or misconfigured data layers
  5. Duplicate Tag
  6. Unauthorized Tags
  7. Tags collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII data)
  8. Missing data flow from one page to another

Auditing each web page, forms, and user journeys are critical to the success of your Digital and Web Analytics program.

How to Audit Tags

Manually auditing the tags is not feasible for many organizations. There are several tools that automate that tag auditing and testing process.  Most of these tools have automated alters then can immediately notify you when there is a problem, saving your time, money, and stress.

These tools regularly crawl your site, identify issues and then alter you without you logging into the systems. However, like any other system, these tools need to be setup properly and updated on regular basis. This is where our Tag Auditing services can help.

Optizent Tag Audit Services

Our consultants have experience working with various tag auditing tools in the industry but we are not tied to one particular tool.  Our consultants will understand your needs in detail and then identify a solution based on your business requirements and budget.

We will find and configure the right solution for you. Reach out to use for a no-obligation consultation.