Marketing technology is changing at a rapid pace. Something that was used and contributed to your organization might not be doing so now.

Even if the technology is not outdated, it implementation and use might be. Every day marketers are bombarded with new technology and it is easy to forget or under use what you have already in place. Slowly all these solutions keep piling up with little to no use. That's why it is critical to audit them on regular basis.

Auditing Existing Marketing Technology

  • What tools are in place
  • What are they used for
  • Which team/role/person uses them within the organization
  • Who manages them
  • What's the cost - fixed/recurring
  • What value each tool/technology bring

Assessing each Technology

Based on the above audit, each technology/tool is evaluated if it should be removed, modified or extended.

Evaluation New Technology

With the audit in place, it becomes easy to assess if a new tool/technology should be brought in to extend the capabilities of tool and marketing or replace an existing tool.

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