Customers engage with your brand in different channels and forms.  This generally results in customer data scattered in various platforms and systems.

Toady's customers expect personalized experiences. They don't care about data silos that exist in your organization, they think of you as one single company.

Now is the time to remove those data barriers and build a unified customer view.

Become Customer Focused with unified data view

  1. Personalize customer experience on-site/app
  2. Personalization across the customer lifecycle
  3. Personalize emails and send them at the right time rather than guessing
  4. User Machine Learning to go deeper and model future customer behavior
  5. Find segments of customers to under for look-alike marketing
  6. Find cross-sell opportunities


Optizent Expertise

Optizent team comprises of Marketers and Technologists. who work together to develop the right unified view based on your business needs. Here are some of things we have done for various clients

  • Documentation of business requirements
  • Development of a plan to create a unified view
  • Developing data pipelines to consolidate data
  • Creating speed efficiencies in existing data pipelines and flows
  • Developing APIs to send real-time data to other systems and tools
  • Customer and Marketing Reporting with combined data
  • Onsite personalization is driven off of the unified view
  • Email personalization
  • Cross-channel personalization

Technical and Marketing Stack

  • Visual Studio - ASP.NET  core 6.0 (WebAPI)
  • Entity framework/ADO.NET for Azure SQL DB
  • Authentication/Authorization with Token Based Mechanism
  • Logging: Finning Logging Nuget Package
  • Unit test: xUnit framework
  • Swagger Integration: Link below for Implementation Reference.
  • Azure App Service or API App with Service Principal.
  • Azure key Vault for Secure key management.
  • Azure DevOps Pipeline.
  • Synapse
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Launch
  • Adobe Target
  • Elogua
  • Tableau
  • BigQuery
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Sheets


Next Steps

Contact us at and let's figure out how Optizent can help you.