We work with Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture Sitecatalyst), Adobe Launch, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and many more.

Regardless of which web analytics tool you use, our web analytics consultants will help you implement the tools correctly and help you gain business insights from the web analytics data.

Web Analytics Audit

  • Identify problems with current web analytics installation and data collection
  • Identify areas of opportunity to leverage existing web analytics tools, marketing technology stack to enhance data collection and analytics implementation
  • Ensure accurate and useful data collection in the context of your business objectives and stakeholder needs

An incomplete or inaccurate web analytics implementation leads to bad data. Which then leads to misleading insights and inaccurate conclusions. Optizent Web Analytics Audit will make sure your web analytics tools are setup accurately  up to receive actionable business insights from your data from both a web analytics and mobile analytics perspective.

Web Analytics Tool Implementation and Management

  • Manage implementation requests from internal stakeholders
  • Develop a process and plan for tag management
  • Maintain quality control to ensure reducing redundancy and faster page loading