35+ Things About Google Analytics 4 That Will Make You Look Like a Genius

If you have heard the term Google Analytics 4 or GA4 and are somewhat familiar with Google Analytics, then this post is for you. The intent of this post is to highlight a few things about Google Analytics 4 without going into the details. As GA4 improves, new items will be added to this eBook and updated versions will be released.

  1. It is the latest free version of Google Analytics.
  2. It is widely called GA4. No, the previous version is not called GA3, the previous version is called Universal Analytics.
  3. The upgrade process from Universal Analytics to GA4 is not really an upgrade, it just creates a new GA4 property.
  4. GA4 does not have a concept of “Views”.
  5. GA4 can run along with Universal Analytics.
  6. You cannot move your data from Universal Analytics to GA4.
  7. The data model of GA4 is completely different from the old version.
  8. In this new model, almost everything in GA4 is either tied to events or users.
  9. Events are actions that happen on your site with or without user interaction. e.g., session start, page scroll, etc.
  10. Events are provided more context by appending event parameters.
  11. Events in GA4 can have 35 parameters unlike Universal Analytics, which only had
  12. Even a page view is an event in GA4.
  13. GA4 can capture 6 events by default, these are called Enhanced Measurement.
  14. Enhanced Measurement events are Pageview, Scroll, Outbound link, Downloads, On-Site search, and YouTube video engagement.
  15. GA4 also provides a list of recommended events by verticals so you do not have to figure out what to capture.
  16. If Recommended events and enhanced events do not meet your needs, you can create your own custom events.
  17. In GA4 you can configure events based on pages, right within the GA admin interface.
  18. In GA4 you can modify your events within the admin interface.
  19. Users are provided more contents by appending user properties.
  20. You must create custom dimensions and metrics using User Properties or Event Parameters before you can use them in your reports.
  21. You can create up to 50 custom dimensions and 50 custom metrics per property.
  22. You can use 25 uniquely named user-scoped custom dimensions.
  23. GA4 uses ML to fill the gaps due to cookie tracking.
  24. GA4 does not have “Bounce Rate” metrics.
  25. GA4 has a metric called Engagement sessions instead of “Bounce Rate” though it is not the opposite if “Bounce Rate”.
  26. An engaged Session is a session that stayed on the site/app for 10 seconds or more or had a conversion event or views two pages or screens.
  27. The 10-second threshold of the engagement session can be changed in the admin panel.
  28. GA4 has a built-in debugger that allows you to debug tracking and activity on your site and app
  29. GA4 does not have a lot of canned reports (as of the writing of this document).
  30. GA4 has an Exploration interface, which allows you to explore and analyze your data.
  31. Exploration has many exploration techniques. These techniques are, Freeform, Funnel Exploration, Path exploration, Segment overlap, User Explorer, Cohort Exploration, and User lifetime.
  32. In GA you can drill down see activity for each individual user using User Explorer in Exploration.
  33. In addition to the above Exploration techniques, GA4 also has various templates to explore data for several business use cases and verticals.
  34. GA4 has direct integration with BigQuery.
  35. You can send real-time data from GA4 to BigQuery.
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