Types of Reports in Google Analytics 4 

In Google Analytics 4, we can create custom reports and add them to the navigation alongside the default reports provided by GA4. In this article, we will go through a quick overview of the types of reports that we can create in GA4. The left navigation bar in Google Analytics 4 shows you all the reports in a hierarchy that starts with the collection.


Underneath the collection are various topics, and underneath each topic, there are reports. There are two types of reports: overview reports and detail reports. The overview report is a summary of what's in the details, and it also provides a collection of various cards. Each section is a card.


When creating the custom reports, we will also be able to create the cards we can use in the overview reports. A detailed report, as the name suggests, provides the details. Each detailed report can have two charts up on top and then the data underneath it, which uses various dimensions and metrics. The default view of the report has a default dimension that's displayed.


However, we can replace that default dimension with another dimension by selecting it from the drop-down list above the dimension. The core concept here is to understand what's an overview report and what's a detailed report. Next, let us look into an overview of creating these reports.


To create a report, click on Library. It is where we have the button to create the new reports. Clicking on the "Create new report" button provides the option to create an overview or detailed report.

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