Adobe Analytics is powerful and complicated Digital and Web Analytics solution. Organizations spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on implementation of Adobe Analytics. In order to get the most out of the tools it is critical to invest in proper education and training as well.

Our trainers have several years of experience leading Adobe Analytics implementation.  They are certified in Adobe Analytics and have deep implementation experience. We will training and empower your team with knowledge that has been accumulated over years this will allow your team to unleash the full power of Adobe Analytics.

We provide a range of training , tutorials and workshops to meet your training needs and get you up to speed on Adobe Analytics. Some of our most requested training sessions are:

Adobe Analytics Fundamentals

  • What is Adobe Analytics and How it Works
  • Various Adobe Analytics terms and what they are used for
  • How to effectively navigate Adobe Analytics
  • How to use Adobe Analytics to find actionable insights

Adobe Analytics Reports

  • Standard Adobe Analytics Reports
  • Site Metrics Reports
  • Site Content Reports
  • Paths Reports
  • Traffic Sources Reports
  • Campaigns Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Mobile Reports

Adobe’s Launch and Dynamic Tag Manager

  • What is Adobe Launch and Dynamic Tag Manager
  • Working with DTM
  • Overview of Data Layer
  • Adobe Analytics Implementation via Launch or DTM
  • Implementing various Marketing Tags
  • Debugging, Version Control & Security
  • Implementing Launch or DTM
  • Migrating Tags to Launch (from page level or DTM)

Data Integration with Adobe Analytics

  • Exporting Data from Adobe Analytics with Adobe Analytics API
  • Exporting Data from the Reporting Interface
  • Importing offline data into into Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe analytics and CRM Integration

Where Can You Get Adobe Analytics Training

Whatever suits your teams needs. Adobe Analytics training sessions can be held online or or on-site in your own office!

Customized Training

We understand each business is unique and hence their training needs are unique. We customize Adobe Analytics training to fit your business needs. We invest time upfront to understand your needs, your frustrations, your teams skill set and then develop a curriculum that will be best suited for you.

Our trainers are consultants as well, who work with organizational leaders like you every day, helping them solve problems, answer business questions, and move their organizations forward. Helping you succeed through customized training is in our DNA.