Google Tag Manager Book and eBook

Learn Google Tag Manager - Step by Step.  This book teaches you everything you need to get started with Google Tag Manager. While not exactly a dummies series but this book will take any newbie and make them an expert. The book is based on Anil Batra's best selling Google Tag Manager Course.

What you will learn in this book

Step by step I take you through various features of Google Tag Manager and show you how you can implement various Tags. You will go from not knowing anything about Google Tag Manager and Data Layers to mastering them and using them with confidence.

The book will cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals and Essentials of Tag Manger (Applies to any tag manager)
  • Signing up for Google Tag Manager
  • Details of Google Tag Manager Interface
  • How to setup Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics and track page views
  • How to setup external link tracking as Events in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager
  • How to setup Button click tracking in Google Analytics
  • Track JavaScript errors using Google Tag Manager ( GTM)
  • Deploy GTM in WordPress
  • Understand and use Data Layer in Google Tag Manager
  • Pushing dynamic values and custom event in DataLayer

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