Learn Google Data Studio in this easy to understand step-by-step tutorial. You don't need any understanding of Google Data Studio to take this course. This step by step tutorial will teach you everything you need and you will go from not knowing to feeling confident about using Google Data Studio.

Learn how to use Google Analytics reporting in Google Data Studio.

What you’ll learn

  • Get started with Google Data Studio
  • Use Google Data Studio with confidence
  • Go from Zero to Hero with Google Data Studio
  • Learn how to make interactive dashboards using date and dimension filters in Google Data Studio
  • Connect to various Data Sources such as Google Analytics, Google Sheets
  • Create and customize various data visualizations - scorecards, time series charts, bar charts, area charts, tables etc.
  • Create advance visualizations in Google Data Studio - maps, bullet charts scatter charts,
  • Display Google Analytics data in Google Data Studio
  • Conduct Data Analysis with Google Data Studio
  • Use Google Analytics reports in Google Data Studio and take reporting to next level.
  • Learn about using Multiple Data sources and Data Blending in Google Data Studio
  • Learn how to use Pivot Tables in Google Data Studio
  • Build Interactive charts using Chart Interactions

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics account

Free Updates to the course

When you enroll in our course all the updates to course are free to you. As the tool changes so will our course, but you will not pay anything more. All updates are absolutely free. The course also comes with 30 day gurantee.

Google Data Studio generally is used by various teams across organization. Your role might fall into one of the following

  • Web Analyst
  • Digital Analyst
  • Marketers
  • Adwords Analyst
  • A/B testing specialist
  • Product Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Product Owners/Manager
  • Small business Owners
  • Students who are looking to learn new skills that employers are looking for.
  • Real Estate agents
  • Anybody who does data visualization
  • Anybody who uses Google Analytics

Data Sources you may already use that you can connect with Google Data Studio

  • Google Analytics,  Adwords or other Google Product
  • Google Sheets
  • Excel

Data Studio has 3 Key benefits;

1. Connecting to various data sources

2. Visualizing data

3. Sharing dashboards for collaboration and communicating insights.

Learning Options

  1. Signup for the course on Udemy - Limited support
  2. Signup on https://academy.optizent.com - comes with better support
  3. Need to train the whole team?  - Contact us for instructor led training + online recording for future use.