Google Tag Manager is an powerful tool however if not implemented properly it can lead to inaccurate or incomplete data. Our Google Tag Manager Consultants help ensure that there is right GTM strategy, Proper Tag Governance, Proper Data Layers and Recurring Audit Process to ensure high data quality.

If you already have Google Tag Manager in places we will conduct comprehensive Google Tag Manager audits and implementing custom GTM solution designs based on your business needs.  We will also configure Google Analytics as needed.

Google Tag Manager Consulting Services

Strategy, Audit and Tag Mapping

Our Google Tag Manager experts will analyze your site, keeping your business objectives in mind and map out a tagging structure for your Google Tag Manager container. If you already have Tags on your web pages or Google Tag Manager account then will analyze the existing tags, setup and dataLayers to and ensure we document every tag that is currently used and transfer the required ones over to newly optimized GTM setup.

Our audits include:

  • Meeting with stakeholders to determine tagging requirements
  • Audit of site to capture tagging possibilities
  • Audit of current implementation (if any) - One Page, GTM and DataLayers
  • Develop Tagging Solution Design - map out all the tags, triggers and dataLayers

The final document can be used by your team to implement on their own or our experts can implement them,

Setup & Configuration

Keeping all internal and industry standards our consultants will setup Google Tag Manager based on the the initial assessment and audit.

Our Google Tag Manager set up and configuration solutions include:

  • Google Tag Manager account setup
  • Maintain User Access
  • Offline/Online Data Integration
  • Tag testing and deployment in various environments

Your extended Team - Ongoing Maintenance & Consulting

Businesses evolve over time and so do websites, tools, technologies and tagging requirements. Our ongoing maintenance services ensure all your stakeholder's requirements are met on timely fashion and with quality.  We can act as your extended team to deploy new tags, main exiting tags and fine tune them on regular basis.

Other Related Services

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