Are you looking to learn Google Tag Manager the right way?

Our Instructor led online Google Tag Manager workshop will give you hands on experience and teach you everything your need to know to get a good grasp of Google Tag Manager. You will implement various Google Analytics tags thought the exercises in this class.

This course is designed for a beginner and someone with no prior background in Google Tag Manager. Even if you have looked at Google Tag Manager but don't understand it, this class will work well for you.

This class will not only show you how to implement what you already know that's possible but also provide you insights into what more you can implement.

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What Will Be Covered in The Class

Tags, Triggers, and Variables

These are three pillars of Google Tag Manager. You will learn how to create and use them for tracking user interactions to get deeper insights into user behavior.


Google Analytics has various in-built tag integration. You will learn the most commonly used - Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook etc.


Learn how to track

  • PDF/DOC/XLS downloads
  • External links
  • Email or telephone links
  • Form submissions
  • Button Clicks
  • YouTube video tracking
  • Scroll Tracking
  • JavaScript Error Tracking


Google Tag Manage provides capability to pass values between your site, tags and triggers by setting values in variables. You will learn how to effectively use them across Google Tag Manager.

Data Layers

Learn what Data Layers and use them to extend the tracking capability of your site.

Will I need any technical skills?

No you don't need any technical skills for learning Google Tag Manager. However you will need to be familiar with basic HTML concepts. Knowledge of JavaScript will help but not required.  There are some concepts that require changes to your site and will require a developer to make those changes but you don't have to worry about them in the class. We will teach you everything you need to know and learn.

Class Timings

We start class at 10:00 AM PST and End at 4:00 PM PST with 3 breaks in the middle.

When is the Next Class?

Next class is on 14th of May.

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