What is Observepoint and Why you need it?

Can you trust your Digital Data?  If not then what's the point of collecting that data?  Only trustworthy data can lead to good decisions.

With various marketing and analytics tags and and implementations, it is very difficult to monitor all the tags on your websites, apps and videos and make sure they are implemented with utmost quality.

Observpoint is an automated platform that audits your digital tags and data for accuracy.  It is an industry leading data quality assurance platform for automatically verifying various tags and their performance thus improving the quality of data you collect on your website. You can not only test the tags but also monitor customer journeys and PII data leaks. Using this tool and automated processes, you can validate your marketing tags.

ObservePoint's validates virtually any marketing and analytics tags on your site to ensure accurate data collection across all digital analytics solutions, channels, and devices. It works with web sites,  mobile sites and mobile applications.

It has built in integration with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Launch, Google Analytics, Marketo, Facebook to name few. It verifies all tag variables set on all pages to conduct tag analysis and identify issues.


Observepoint Consulting Services

Our consultants are trained in Observepoint setup to monitor all sorts of tags and data such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics etc.

We’ll deploy ObservePoint’s and automate the validation of your dynamic and unique tag implementations, making sure they’re accurate and trustworthy.

Not only will out consultants setup and monitor Observepoint but also provide suggestions for improving the quality of the data. Once agreed, we will make the appropriate changes.

Contact us for no obligation free consultation.