Learning to navigate Google Analytics is relatively easy and that's what most of the Google Analytics courses teach.

Deciding what to look for and focus on in Google Analytics is hard. Driving Actionable insights from Google Analytics is tough but that's where you need to focus on. That's where you will help various stakeholder in the organization and that's what will make you indispensable.

In this course, I am going to show you how you can effectively use Google Analytics to drive business value across organization. You will be able to take the learning and apply them as is in your organization to win instant recognition.

This course will teach you Google Analytics in a practical way. It will show you how to use Google Analytics to solve immediate business issues as well proactive analysis.

If you know Google analytics but are struggling to find actionable insights then this course is for you. If you are a beginner this course will teach you Google Analytics in a very practical way.

If you already know Google Analytics then it will show you how you can use it to extract value that will make you a Hero and very valuable in your organization.

In this course, I not only show you the Google Analytics reports but how to use those reports to conduct analysis that can immediately help you show your value in your organization.

It will teach you how you can wow your boss and and bosses boss, all the way to CEO with your in depth analysis that provides value to the company in terms of better more revenue as well as saving money.

Make yourself valuable across the entire organization.  Rise above Google Analytics data reporting and show true value by learning skills in this course.

I am teaching you what I have learned and applied over years working for top global agencies and clients.

What will you learn in this course

  1. Understand the concept of Digital and Web Analytics before diving into Google Analytics
  2. Learn how Google Analytics works
  3. Connect with Google Analytics Demo account
  4. Conducting Analysis - Learn how to conduct analysis using Google Analytics data
  5. Advanced Analysis - Features of Google Analytics to use for advanced analysis
  6. Digital Strategy, Marketing Strategy and UX teams  - Develop customer Persona using Google Analytics
  7. Web Design & Creative Team - Help Web Designers make data driven design decisions
  8. Content Marketing Strategy Team - Use Google Analytics to help make better content
  9. Web Development Team - Actionable Insights for better websites such as page speeds
  10. Marketing Team - Campaign Measurement
  11. More to come...

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