Savvy marketers understand the value of data they have about their customer and their behavior. They use this data enhance their website, develop campaigns and marketing programs that drive positive outcomes. A key component of being data driven is the ability to quickly collect data, manipulate it and draw conclusions. This is where SQL skills are required. Before R and Python and machine learning and even pivot tables, there was the ANSI standard language for relational database management systems. The course is developed to help Marketers become self-sufficient to extract and manipulate the data without a SQL developer.

In this full day hands-on workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of database and SQL that marketers and marketing analysts need to conduct deeper analysis on the customer and marketing data.

Some of the things your will learn in this course are:

  • Fundamentals of the relational database and table structures
  • Query writing to pull the required data, update data, add new data and delete data
  • Data integration from various sources such email, CRM, website logfile etc.
  • How to export data from the databases to flat files for further analytics  in Excel or Tableau
  • Identifying the most loyal and most profitable customers
  • Scoring your customers based on their purchase behavior
  • Customer categorization based on various criteria in your data sources – develop customer segments for better targeting
  • Conducting cohort analysis
  • Combining offline and online data to create remarketing lists in Google Ads
  • Using data from the database to augment Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics reports – Will walk you through the process with Google Analytics

By the end of this workshop

  • You’ll understand databases and SQL
  • Learn how to harness data from various sources to become a better marketer.
  • You’ll learn how to write SQL queries so that you don’t have to be dependent on your developers.
  • You will add a valuable new skill to your arsenal that will immediately make you a better data-driven marketer, marketing analysts and growth hacker.
  • You’ll have readymade SQL scripts and recipes that you can use right away.

We offer this workshop (and its variants) at various conferences and colleges like Digital Analytics Hub, Marketing Analytics summit, Bellevue College, Digital Analytics Association etc. In addition we also offer customized workshops to meet your needs. Get in touch for no obligation quote.