Today marketers have to be data-driven.  There is no other option.  To be data driven, marketers can't just reply on a database developer or IT to pull data about their marketing campaigns, customers etc. The more self reliant they are the faster they will be becoming data driven.

SQL is a very powerful and most popular tool/language to pull the data from databases.

What is SQL?

SQL short for Structured Query Language is a database language used to query and pull information from a database. Databases are the most common way of storing large amount of data related to customers, customer actions (online and offline), purchases, products, sales, finances etc. Knowing how to pull this information is like knowing out to mine gold. If you believe data is new gold or oil then knowing how to get that oil and gold is very valuable, right? That's exactly what knowing SQL does.

Our SQL for Marketer courses remove all the distractions and allow marketers to only focus on the things that matter to them.

Options for learning SQL for Marketers

  1. Online SQL for Marketers - MySQL Edition
  2. Online SQL for Marketers - Microsoft SQL Server Edition
  3. Workshops offered online - Contact us to find out about next one
  4. Workshops offered at various conferences s
    1. eMetrics - Marketing Analytics Summit
    2. Digital Analytics Hub
    3. Digital Analytics Association
    4. Bellevue College
  5. On-site workshop - customized or your team and organization

All workshops will also provide you with SQL scripts that you can use right away.

Have questions? Reach out to us.