Squark® - Power of Machine Learning & AI for Markters.

What is Squark?

Squark is a no-code Machine Learning engine that uncovers the predictions hidden in the data you collect about your marketing and customers.  Whether your data is in spreadsheets or in the cloud, Squark can easily connect with and use that data.

What Can A Marketer Do With Squark?

  • Conduct Churn Prediction - Find out which customers are likely to churn. Using this information you can proactively engage with the users and reduce the churn rate.
  • Determine which offer to send to customers? - Squakr can tell you which offer the customer is likely to engage with.
  • Determine the price to charge each customer so maximize the conversion and profits.
  • Predict sales trends.
  • Find out what data is important to a given outcome. Squark surfaces the data that causes outcomes in relative importance to other data. For example, determine what specific categories and values contribute to your outcomes.
  • Send predictions to other systems. Send your results to other data sources to automate and power tomorrow’s digital transformations today.
  • Squark creates highly-accurate predictions—in minutes—with no programming. Built for non-technical users to command the power of artificial intelligence to find out what will happen next in their business.

Want to learn how you can use Squark for your specific use cases, contact us for a no-obligation assessment.