This online Google Tag Manager Workshop is focused on understanding the tag creation and management abilities of Google Tag Manager and how to use it to implement Google Universal Analytics to fit your organization’s needs. If you want to learn how GTM works and use Google Tag Manager, including how to track Google Analytics features (like events, downloads, and other website data), this is the course for you!

We use live demos to arm you with the skills needed to achieve your company’s intermediate measurement goals. If you are a beginner, this get you started with GTM so that you can use it with confidence. Intermediate user will learn some best practices implementation and measurement.

What’s Covered in this Google Tag Manager Workshop – Instructor Led Online Training?

This training will teach you about how Google Tag Manager actually works, and how to implement Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) using this Google Tag Manager.

This online training will teach you about how Google Tag Manager actually works, and how to implement Google Universal Analytics using this powerful tag management tool. In the course, we will cover:

  • Benefits of Tag Management solution
  • How Google Tag Manager works
  • The benefits of using GTM as a tag management system
  • How to Deploy Google Analytics tags to track page, link and button clicks (event tracking), downloads, form submissions etc.
  • How to deploy Facebook pixel
  • Adword re targeting pixesl
  • An introduction to the dataLayer, and how to use in GTM to take your measurement to the next level.

  • Introduction to Tag Management
  • Why use a Tag Management solution
  • How Tag Management solution works
  • Google Tag Manager Interface, Administration and Best Practices
  • Understanding Tags, Triggers and Variables
  • Implementing Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) using Google Tag Manager
  • Go beyond page tracking – track links, buttons, events, downloads and form Submissions
  • Facebook pixel tracking
  • What is dataLayer and how to use it
  • How to debug your tags
  • Scroll tracking
  • Page element view tracking


This course requires a basic understanding of Google Analytics, some knowledge of JavaScript is nice to have but not required.

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