Web Analytics & Digital Analytics Training Program

Our Web Analytics Training course teaches you theory as well as provides you a practical project  to let you work on a real business. Not only will you get a certification in Web and Digital Analytics but also valuable experience that you can put on your resume.

No matter what your background is. If you have the desire and passion, we will teach you the rest. After this course you will be ready to excel in your current job, land a new job or transition into a new career.

In this 8 week online program you go through the curriculum that teaches you everything you need to become a Digital Analyst. This is the same program that we teach at various universities, colleges and organizations.

What is covered in this Web & Digital Analytics Program

  • Introduction to Digital Analytics
  • Tools: Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

  • Data Analysis - What, How, Process Tips and Tricks

  • Measuring Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Presenting Data - Reports and Dashboards

  • Data Visualization: Google Data Studio & Tableau

  • Optimization - Experimentation and Personalization

Sing up for the Program at https://academy.optizent.com/courses/become-a-digital-web-analys