In this course you will learn how to develop personalized Website and Landing Page experience with Google Optimize.  Personalization is one of the top way growth hackers use to drive growth.

Not only you will learn how to use Google Optimize for personalization but also get ideas of personalization that you can use right away to create better user experience and drive higher conversions. The concept I will show you applies to any website, wordpress blog or ecommerce store.  If you are familar with A/B Testing then you know that it is a great way to figure out what works, personalization takes it one step further by helping you create website and landing page experiences based on your learning from A/B tests.

What is in this course

  • What is website/landing page personalization and why it makes sense
  • Frameworks for Personalization
  • Setting up Google Optimize account for personalization
  • Personalizing based on Users' Device - Mobile, Desktop, Tablet etc.
  • Get Personalization¬†Experience reporting in Google Analytics
  • Combining targeting rules to create the desired personalization rule
  • Personalization based on technology used by site visitors
  • Drive new customer acquisition by personalizing a message for new visitors.


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