Google Analytics Measurement ID: What, Where, and How

Google Analytics provides a unique id for you to track your website/app.  When you place a code on your website/app this unique id tells Google Analytics which account and property the data belongs to. In Google Analytics 4 this id is called  Measurement ID. In Universal Analytics (old GA or GA3), this id was known as Tracking ID.

GA4 Measurement ID starts with the G- followed by a bunch of numbers.

Universal Analytics Tracking ID starts with UA- followed by a bunch of numbers.

Measurement ID vs Tracking ID Issue

Many WordPress plugins and 3rd party sites only allow you to pass Tracking ID (the id that starts with UA-), however when you create a new Google Analytics property now, it gets created in Google Analytics (GA4) and hence there is no UA- tracking id. The only thing you can get in GA4 is a Measurement ID. If you try to use your measurement id in any tool that requires Measurement ID, then it won't work.

So you have two options

  1. Find a plugin that allows you to use Measurement ID so that you can collect the data in GA4
  2. Create a Universal Analytics property using a hidden feature in Google Analytics. Read this post, How to Downgrade Google Analytics 4 to Universal Analytics to get the detailed instructions.

Where to get the Measurement ID in GA4?

  1. Go to Admin Panel in Google Analytics 4
  2. Select the property that you want to get the measurement id for.
  3. Click on "Data Stream"
  4. Click on the Data Stream name on the next screen.
  5. On the next screen, in the top right corner, you will get the measurement id that starts with G-


What is Property ID?

Property ID is an identifier that is used to uniquely identify a GA4 property. It is used internally by Google and you do not need to worry about it.

Each property in GA4 can have multiple Data Streams and each of these streams have a unique Measurement ID. Most of the tools such as Google Tag Manager, WordPress plugins, etc. will require the Measurement ID of the stream.


What is Stream ID?

Again, like Property ID, you don't need to worry about it. It is used internally to identify each stream.


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