How to Downgrade Google Analytics 4 to Universal Analytics?

How to Downgrade Google Analytics 4 to Universal Analytics is one of the questions that people keep asking and that's what I am going to answer in this post.

What's the with Google Analytics 4?

As you might have already seen, Google Analytics has made Google Analytics 4 (GA4) the default version of Google Analytics, which means that when you create a new Google Analytics property it is created in GA4 and not in the old version of Google Analytics (called Universal Analytics or GA3)

GA4 has a different data model than Universal Analytics (some call it GA3) and has a very different interface which means you don't have the same tracking and reporting as you are used to. So you, like many others, might be wondering how you can downgrade or convert google analytics 4 to universal analytics.

How to Downgrade Google Analytics 4 to Univeral Analytics?

The short answer is that you can't downgrade to the old version. However, you can create Universal Analytics or better both versions of Google Analytics, GA4, and Universal Analytics property.  Below are the steps you need to take to create either or both of the properties.

  1. Click on Create Property Button in Admin Panel
  2. Scroll down and you will see a link called "Show Advanced Options", click on it
  3. In this screen, you will see a toggle button to create Univeral Analytics (UA) property, toggle it
  4. Select your options to either create both GA4 and UA properties or just UA property. I recommend creating both.

Here is a video that provides step-by-step instructions on how to create both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 properties.

Why you should both Universal Analytics and GA4 property?

I don't have to give you a reason to continue using Universal Analytics since you are using it and used to it, you don't have to learn anything new.

However, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is there to stay, which means sooner or later you will have to start using it.  The timeline for sunsetting Universal Analytics has not been communicated by Google yet. It is possible that Universal Analytics (GA3) remains active forever but eventually, GA4 will become the version that will be used widely. It will be the version where Google is likely to spend more of their efforts so it is better to start learning right away.  If you start collecting data in the new property, you will learn what you can do with this data, how you can customize your implementation, etc. By the time GA4 comes out of beta you will already have figured it out and the transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 will be easy.


Where to get more help with Google Analytics 4?

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