GA4 Audiences – How to create, edit, archive, and use Custom Audience

GA4 Audiences are groups of users based on common attributes, behaviors, etc. You can create an Audience using dimensions, metrics, and events to include any subset of users that makes sense for your business. In this post, you will learn about the GA4 audience so that you can start to create and use them with confidence.

Difference Between Audience and Segment in GA4

Google Analytics 4 also has a feature called Segments. Segments seem very similar to the Audience feature with some differences.  So how are the two different?

Segments are only available Exploration, while Audience can not be used in Exploration

Segments can not be used in standard reports while Audience can be used in standard reports by including them in Comparison (read about comparison at Comparisons in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

The audience can be used to target a particular set of Users in Google Ads while Segments can't be used in Google Ads

Segments look at the users in past sessions while the Audience starts building the user group from the moment you create them.

Examples of Custom GA4 Audience

To clarify what audience is, here are some examples

  1. Users from the US
  2. Users who have downloaded an ebook but not made a purchase
  3. Users who came via Google Ads

As users come to your site they are evaluated based on the audience criteria you set and then are grouped into one or more audience groups. If the current data indicate that a particular user no longer meets the criteria, then that user is removed from those audiences. Keep in mind a user can be included in multiple groups.

Creating Audiences in GA4

There are two ways to create Audiences in Google Analytics 4, I will cover both of them here.

Using Configure Menu Option

  1. Click on "Configure"  on the left-hand menu panel.
  2. Click on the "Audiences" option on the next screen (see image above).
  3. Click on the "New audience" button on the next screen
  4. On the next screen, you can start from scratch or use one of the templates to build the audience.
  5. On the next screen is where you set the criteria for your audience. You can use include and exclude criteria as well as sequence conditions to see your users (I will cover specific use cases of audience in future posts).
    GA4 Audience
  6. Chose how long a user can stay part of that audience. You can choose 1 -540(max) as the number of days. (right-hand side)
  7. Once done, save it and now your audience is ready.
  8. Don't be alarmed if you see < 10.  The audience is not retroactive so it starts collecting the data from the moment you create your audience and hence it shows less than 10.

Using Audience in Google Ads

Any Audience that you create in GA4 can be used in Google Ads for remarketing and reaching the similar audience.  In order to that

  1. Link your GA4 account to Google Ads
  2. Keep the default option to Enable Personalized Advertising.
  3. Your GA4 audience will be available in your shared library in Google Ads for you to use in your campaigns.
  4. You can remarket to existing or previous users, and you can create similar audiences to prospect for new users.

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