This course focuses on the free reporting tool, Google Data Studio, and visualizing data from Google Analytics, Google Sheets and other data sources.

This course is designed for marketers, marketing analysts, web analysts, digital analysts and anyone who has to develop data visualization for communicating actionable data.  We will use Google Analytics data in this course. You do not need to have your own Google Analytics account in order to participate, however, we do recommend attending at least the Google Analytics for Beginners course.

Learning Options

  1. Online - Self paced
  2. Instructor led workshop - Contact Us for more details
  3. Customized to your needs online or offline

What You Will Learn

  • Get started with Google Data Studio
  • Use Google Data Studio with confidence
  • Connect to various Data Sources such as Google Analytics, Google Sheets
  • Create and customize various data visualizations - scorecards, time series charts, bar charts, area charts, tables etc.
  • Create advance visualizations in Google Data Studio - maps, bullet charts scatter charts
  • Learn how to make interactive dashboards using date and dimension filters in Google Data Studio
  • Conduct Data Analysis with Google Data Studio
  • Learn about using Multiple Data sources and Data Blending in Google Data Studio
  • Learn how to use Pivot Tables in Google Data Studio
  • Give your user more control with Interactive charts and chart interactions
  • In customized training and workshops, we customize each module of the course, with your data as examples to meet the needs our various audience.


After the class each attendee will will walk away with actionable information on how to build compleiing dashabord using Google Analytics and other data sources. In addition, they will also have a dashboard they can use right away.