Google Search Console – Google Data Studio Templates

Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster tools)  is a free tool from Google that helps organizations get information on their SEO ranking on Google. It provide you over view of keywords that your site is showing up for, pages that are indexed by Google Search, clicks you are getting etc.

Google Data Studio has soon become one of the top used data visualization tool allows you to monitor and focus on the key metrics that you care about.

Bringing your Google Search Console data in Google Data Studio is  a great way fro you to understand how your site is performing on search engines so that you can focus on the right keywords and pages to drive more search engine traffic.

In this post we have compiled several freely available Google Data Studio templates that you can use for your own reports. Using a template saves time as you won't have to create these reports from scratch.  Go head and give these templates a try and see which one will work best for you. Once you build a report from any of these templates you can modify the tables, graphs, charts and look and feel according to your brand and needs.


If you know of a cool template for us to include in this list please email the link to us.


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