How to practice Google Analytics without a website


How do you practice Google Analytics when you don't have a website? This is a very common question asked by our students and one that we come across Digital Marketing forums. In this post I am going to provide you several options for you to practice Google Analytics.

Use Google Demo account

First option for you is to use Google Analytics eCommerce Demo Account. This Demo account is an account of a live Google Merchandising eCommerece store where Google sells branded merchandising such as t-shirts, mugs etc.  It is a fully functional store and Google Analytics implementation. You can use to get familiar with the reports and also conduct analysis.

To add the demo account

  • You will need a Google Analytics account - which requires a Google Account (such as gmail).
  • If you don't have a Google Account then create a new account and then login to your account.
  • Next, login to your Google Analytics account if you have one, if not then Google will automatically ad one for you in the next step.
  • Click on ACCESS DEMO ACCOUNT to add the Demo Account to your Google Analytics account list.

More information is available at

Work on someone's website

Ask a friend who has a website or a blog, reach out to a non-profit (NGO) or even a for profit business and help them for free. They get the value from your work such as data analysis, reports etc. and you get real sites and data to work with.

Create your own website or blog

You can quickly create a blog on or wordpress and implement Google Analytics. However this means that you will have to figure out a way to get traffic to your site/blog. Maybe you can start blogging about your journey of Google Analytics and drive traffic from search engines, your friends, your linked in network, Facebook network etc. This blog/site will give you a chance to learn from your own site and data.

Use one of our sites

We offer real life cases and projects for you to gain valuable experience. Not only will you learn from an instructors but also add valuable experience to your resume. Check out Put Your Digital and Web Analytics Knowledge to Practice program

Is Practicing Google Analytics Enough?

Keep in mind that Google Analytics is a just one of the many tools that you might have to work with in real life. Just understanding a tool is not enough. You need to know the role of web and digital analyst and how to use a tool like Google Analytics to help business stakeholders or your own business. I highly recommend you spend more time and effort in learning the craft of Web & Digital Analytics and/or Digital Marketing rather than just relying on your knowledge of Google Analytics.

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