How To Track Phone Call with Adobe Analytics

Tracking phone calls is an absolute must for businesses to better understand the performance of their website, user behavior, and campaign performance.  If you are not tracking phone calls then you are not accurately calculating the ROI and attribution of your marketing efforts.

If your business drives sales over the phone from its website or digital advertising, you’ll want to track the leads, conversions, and other actions from these phone calls to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts.

How can you track phone calls originating from your website?

There are many 3rd party tools that allow you to track phone calls made from your site. Every tool works a bit differently but the most basic setup entails putting a small Javascript code (tag) on your website. This code replaces the phone number shown on your site with a number that redirects the caller to the Call Tracking system. This call tracking system then redirects the phone back to the original number. During the redirect process, the call tracking system can not listen in to the conversation and track data such as call origination location, call time, duration of the call, and even the complete conversation to determine if the user purchased on phone, what the sentiment was, etc.

The call tracking system provides a detailed report of all call activity in its own reporting. However, this report won't give you complete details on the campaign that drives the user to your site, it won't provide details on the action user took on your site, etc. This is where integration with Adobe Analytics comes into play.

Tracking phone calls in Adobe Analytics can give you provide you visibility into behavioral and conversion data, which in turn helps you better optimize your webpages and campaigns.

How to track phone calls in Adobe Analytics

Many of these call tracking systems allow you to pass Adobe Visitor ID to their system, so when the call originates they know exactly which visitor ID is calling.  Using this visitor ID, which resides in both data sets i.e. Call Tracking System Data and Adobe Analytics, you can tie the two data sets together.

Generally call tracking systems will provide the call log data, which contains the visitor id for each call, as a flat-file. This flat file can then be ingested into Adobe Analytics. Once it is in Adobe Analytics, you can slice your behavioral and campaign data to see the complete activity and campaign performance within Adobe Analytics.

Which Call Tracking Systems Work With Adobe

Two main ones that we always work with are

  1. Invoca
  2. Call Tracking Metrics.


If you need help in setting up Call Tracking and Adobe Analytics integration then our expert Adobe Analytics Implementation experts get you up and running in no time.


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