Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP 2.1) and Adobe Analytics

Apple recently announced that they will no longer support 3rd party cookies and set a 7 day expiration limit for client side first party cookies. The decision is made to address potential security related risks as well as size restrictions on cookies and page performance. Digital Analytics solution such as Adobe Analytics is hit hard by this change as these tools leverage longer term persistent cookies to track visitor behavior.

For Adobe Analytics, the two primary cookies that will be affected are AMCV (Adobe Analytics first party) and demdex (Experience Cloud 3rd party cookie facilitating cross domain tracking). These two cookies are set by Adobe's Experience Cloud ID Service and are primarily used by solutions such as Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager.

The workaround to avoid the 7 day cap on first party cookies set by the ID Service is to setup a CNAME which will look something like this (metrics.<domain>.com) for your domain so that the cookie is set in a first party context. To summarize, this is what you can do:
  • Add a new CNAME and details can be found here:
  • Upgrade your Visitor ID version to the latest version which will set a new s_ecid cookie to get around the 7 day expiration.
  • There's a lot more detail around this covered in Adobe's documentation about this.
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