It’s All About A/B Testing!

How do you know which design or which Call to Action will work?

In the old days, brainstorming used to be the most popular way to decide which piece will be the winner. This decision was based on expertise, hunch and majority vote. Today, marketers have better tools to work with and leave the guessing out of the decision process.

The pandemic gave me some free time as I don’t have to commute, and I decided to use it to learn new skills that will help me to advance my career.

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I wanted to explore more about A/B testing as I had only done some tests on Facebook ads and email marketing. Facebook allows you to perform A/B testing changing one variable at the time. Facebook will split the ad budget equally and run both ads until there is a winner. In addition to this, I also performed A/B testing on an email campaign. The email marketing company splits the email list, and each segment will receive a different subject line. This type of test does not run over time unless you use the same subject line in more than one campaign.

For this reason, I wanted to learn more about A/B testing and the tools available. I enrolled at , which offers a wide range of courses in digital marketing and analytics. I took the  course. The topic is divided into sections, and each one has short videos that are easy to follow and to understand. My advice, keep a notepad next to you as right now, you cannot download transcripts of the video.

One of the things I learned was about A/A testing. It is a tactic to test two identical versions of a web page against each other. Optizent explains: “In most other cases, the A/A test is a method of double-checking the effectiveness and accuracy of the A/B testing software. You should look to see if the software reports that there is a statistically significant (>95% statistical significance) difference between the control and variation. If the software reports that there is a statistically significant difference, that’s a problem, and you’ll want to check that the software is correctly implemented on your website or mobile app.”

Same as in any other marketing strategy, it is important to define goals and metrics. Goals will need to be aligned with your company goals. Metrics are essential because you need to know in advance what you want to measure. After defining your goals, it would be useful to develop some hypothesis and to prioritize. After identifying these, you need to think about the variations.

Here is one of the biggest take away for me, I learned about  and other software available to run A/B testing on your website and your apps. If you have not used it, I encourage you to explore it. For example, you can make changes right on any webpage and decide which version to test. The course also explains how to set up the account, define objectives, and insert the snippet on your Google Analytics.

What are you thinking to improve or learn a new skill? Same as Optizent, there are several online courses that you can take from the comfort of your home. Start learning and share it with me!

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