What does the “Users” metric in Google Analytics measure?

What does the “Users” metric measure in Google Analytics?

A. The total number of visits to your website
B. Users that had at least one session on your site in the given date range
C. Users that visited the homepage of your website
D. Users who have registered on you site

Correct answer is B. Users that had at least one session on your site in the given date range.

Users or Unique users will measure that count of the users during that time frame/date range.


Why don't the user metrics add up over multiple days?

A very common question that we come across is that individual days user counts don't add up to the weekly or monthly total. Why is that?

The reason is that same user can come to your site multiple days. Let's take avery simple example:

Lets say you see a User A on day 1 and User B on day 1 - So day 1 will show you two users.

Now on Day 3 User A comes back again to the site, but there is no other users - So day 2 will show you one user on the site.

When you look at last 2 day range then you will only see 2 users, not 3 users because during last 2 days there were only 2 unique users, User A and User B.


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