What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a free tag management solution by Google. It makes it easier for you to manage various tags and tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook pixel etc.

Google Tag Manager has various built in tag templates that you can use for easy implementation and management of tags. So instead of implementing all the tags that you need to out on your site, you can use tag manager code and then manage all these tags within the tag manager interface.

Tag Manager provides you a single JavaScript code that needs to be placed on your pages. This code needs to be placed on your site only once by your developers on all the pages on your website or app. Once the code is implemented, the job of a developer is done.  Developers won’t need to be involved in anything going forward.

Any time you need to make a change to any of the tags, instead of making a change in your page you go to the tag manager interface and make changes in that interface. Next time your web page needs a tag it gets new tag from the tag manager. This helps eliminate your need to be dependent on IT or a developer and you can make all your tag changes in a matter of hours or even minutes.

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