Google Data Studio Certification Exam

Google Data Studio certification is a great way to text and prove your understanding of the basic concepts of Google Data Studio.

Google has a section on Google Analytics Academy called Introduction to Data Studio course that teaches you the basics of Google Data Studio. It is a free online course for you to start with Google Data Studio.  It is  a beginner-level course for anyone new to Data Studio, or for anyone wishing to brush up on the basics of connecting data and building a report.

Where to Take The Certification Exam?

Head over to Google Analytics Academy at Introduction to Data Studio. As you complete your course module, you can take assessments and earn a certificate of completion by passing the tests. It is not really a certification exam but gives you a certificate of completion in Google Data Studio.


None as this is an introductory level course.


It all depends on how long it takes for you to grasp the concepts but you can expect about 3-4 hours.

What's the passing grade?

You need to score 80% or better on each assessment to earn the certificate of completion

Where can go deeper into Google Data Studio.

If you want to learn beyond basics then you can take Google Data Studio classes on Optizent Academy.

Free Learning on YouTube

Subscribe to Optizent YouTube channel and get a lot of free learning videos.



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