What is ObservePoint?

ObservePoint is a tag audit, tag validation and governance software.  It helps companies ensure their digital analytics tags are implemented correctly so that they can trust their digital analytics data and take action on that data with confidence.

Contact out observepoint consulting services team to help you get the most out of your Observepoint investment.

ObservePoint not only checks industry leading tags such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Launch, Google Analytics, Tag manager but 100+ other tags.  It also allows you  allows you to test for nearly any variable, value or technology you want to make sure functions properly on your site. Here are some examples of things you can test

  • Tag presence
  • Data layer testing
  • Javascript error detection
  • Critical user path monitoring (such as a sign-up or shopping cart path)
  • Error page detection
  • GDPR compliance

Optizent offers observepoint consulting services to help ensure you get most value from your audits. Contact us today at support@optizent.com for free audit of your website.

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