What is fbclid in Google Analytics? How to remove it?

What s FBCLID?

Starting mid-October 2018, you might have noticed a query parameter called fbclid getting added to your URLs.  FBCLID is a Facebook Click ID that Facebook adds to links that are shared on Facebook. When a user comes to your site by clicking on those links, you see fbclid in the query parameter in your content reports.  This id helps Facebook in providing better analytics for shared links but messes up your Google Analytics reports as same URL shows up multiple times with different fbclid. As a result, you can't get meaningful data in your reports.

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How do you fix your Google Analytics reports?

The way to fix this issues is by removing fbclid from your reports.  The fix has to be applied to each and every view that you want fbclid to be removed from. Here are the steps

  1. Go to "Admin Panel" in Google Analytics - you will need Admin access.
  2. Select the Google Analytics View that you want to apply this fix to.
  3. Click on "View Settings".
  4. Enter fbclid in the Exclude URL Query Parameters box (see below)

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