Learn view-through conversions in Google Ads

What are view-through conversions? 

View through conversions are a way of measuring the effectiveness of Google Ads. When a user sees the ad, they may not click on it immediately, but if they later go on to purchase the product or service we're advertising, that's a view through conversion. This metric is important because it shows how well the ad is performing in terms of brand awareness and driving sales. 



How are view-through conversions calculated? 

View-through conversions are calculated by taking the number of times the ad was seen and dividing it by the number of conversions that resulted from those views. So, if the ad was seen 100 times and resulted in 10 conversions, the view-through conversion rate would be 10%.


View-through conversions can be a valuable metric for gauging the effectiveness of the advertisement, especially if we're running branding campaigns where the goal is to increase awareness rather than drive immediate sales.


That said, view-through conversions should not be the only metric we focus on. Since people may see the ad multiple times before converting, this metric doesn't necessarily reflect how many people were exposed to the ad for the first time. As such, it's essential to look at other measures such as reach and frequency in addition to view-through conversions. 


The benefits of view through conversions: 

View-through conversions are a valuable metric in Google Ads and can be used to measure the effectiveness of the ad campaign. By tracking view-through conversions, we can see how many people who saw the ad went on to convert, even if they didn't click on the ad. This can be a valuable metric for measuring brand awareness or reach.


View-through conversions can also be used to identify which ads are most effective at driving conversions. For example, if we have two ads with similar click-through rates but one has a higher view-through conversion rate, the ad with the higher view-through conversion rate is likely more effective at driving conversions. 


Tips for improving view-through conversions 

View through conversions are a great way to gauge the effectiveness of the Google Ads campaigns. Here are some tips to improve the view-through conversion rate:


1. Create relevant and targeted ads - ensure the ads are relevant to the keywords we're targeting and accurately reflect the products or services we're offering.


2. Use attractive visuals - people are more likely to engage with an ad if it has attractive visuals, so consider using images or videos in the ads.


3. Use actionable language - encourage users to take action by using persuasive language (CTA) in the ads, such as "click here" or "learn more."


4. Test different ad formats - try out other ad formats and see which ones perform best for the business.


By following these tips, we can ensure that the view-through conversions in Google Ads campaigns drive conversions.

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