Bounce Rate in Google Analytics 4

Bounce Rate in Google Analytics is one of the most common metrics used by marketers and analysts. However, if you are transitioning or upgrading to Google Analytics 4 and wondering where you can find Bounce Rate in Google Analytics 4 then this post is for you. Google Analytics 4 is the new free version of Google Analytics (now called GA3) and has an entirely new data model, tracking, and reporting so it is easy to get confused by it. But don't worry, we are here to demystify Google Analytics 4 for you.

What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

In simple terms, when a user comes to a site and leaves the site without viewing any other page that is considered a bounce.  Default calculation of Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions with single-page visits divided by total sessions on the site.

The intent of the bounce rate is to measure assess how engaging your site or app is, a higher bounce rate means lower engagement.

Many organizations extend the definition to include any actions such as link click, page scrolls, downloads, etc., or time spent on the site in addition to page view as a valid action that counts against a bounce. For example, if a user does not go to the next page but spends a certain amount of time in a given session then that session is not counted as a bounce. As a result, there is no standard calculation of Bounce Rate because everybody is making their own.

Bounce Rate in Google Analytics 4

There is no Bounce Rate in Google Analytics 4. However, Google Analytics does provide a way for you to measure Engagement with the site or app and it is called Engagement Rate.

An engaged Session is defined as a session that spent 10 seconds or more on the site/app or viewed 2 or more screens/pages or had a conversion event.

Comparing Engagement Rate to Bounce Rate

So those who are keen on reporting Bounce Rate can take the Engagement Rate and subtract it from 100% to get the Bounce Rate.

Example: Engagement Rate = 85% then Bounce Rate will be 100% - 85% = 15%

Using this calculation your Bounce Rate is going to drop because Engagement not only counts sessions with more than 2 pages but also counts sessions that have spent more than 10 seconds or engaged in a conversion event.

So if you are going to use Google Analytics 4 then I suggest changing your reporting to report on Engagement Rate instead of Bounce Rate.

So where do you find Engagement Rate?

It is not available in every report. To see the Engagement report you have to check Acquisition --> User Acquisition and Acquisition --> Traffic Acquisition reports.

Are there other Engagement Metrics?

Yes Google Analytics 4 provide the following engagement metrics

  1. Engagement Rate
  2. Engaged Sessions
  3. Engaged Sessions Per User
  4. Average Engagement Time

Where to get more help with Google Analytics 4?

Online Course - If you want to learn on your own then check out Google Analytics 4 Masterclass

Workshop - We conduct onsite customized workshop. Reach out to us for more details.

Consulting - We can get you up and running with Google Analytics 4 as well as train your and your team to use it effectively. Reach out to us for more details.


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