Schedule and Manage Email Reports in GA4

In this post, you will learn about scheduling reports in GA4. Scheduling reports allows you to receive an email with the report so that you don't have to log in to GA4 every day.

How to Schedule Report Email

  1. Navigate to any reports
  2. In the top right corner click on the share icon
  3. This will open up a screen to schedule the report. Fill the details and click on the save button.
  4. Now your reports i scheduled.
  5. You can manage all the scheduled reports in the "Admin" panel of GA4.
  6. In the admin panel go to the "Property" section and click on "Scheduled emails"
  7. This opens up the screen with all your scheduled emails. Here you can "Edit" or "Delete" the scheduled email by clicking on the three vertical dots at the end of the line of the scheduled email.

You can schedule up to 50 emails.

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