Is Google Analytics Illegal?

Google Analytics is Illegal. Google Analytics is banned.

You might have come across some news articles and social media mentions talking about this. In this post, you will learn if Google Analytics is illegal or banned and where.

If you are not in European Unison then likely Google Analytics is not illegal or banned for you. So you can stop reading further unless you are curious about this topic.


Google Analytics is Illegal in some EU countries.

Not every country has ruled that Google Analytics is illegal but some have.  These countries include Austria, France, Denmark, and Italy.

Here are some news articles that provide more details

Austrian DSB: Use of Google Analytics violates "Schrems II" decision by CJEU. -

France’s data watchdog warns over illegal use of Google Analytics. Source:

Italy’s data watchdog latest to warn over the use of Google Analytics -

The Danish Data Protection Agency ruled the use of Google Analytics illegal after reviewing its settings and the terms under which the tool is provided.  Source:


Why is Google Analytics considered Illegal by several EU countries?

Google Analytics transfers the data to US servers and US surveillance laws require US providers like Google or Facebook to provide personal details to US authorities, as required by US law. This violates GDPR and hence is considered illegal by the laws of several countries.  If you are in the EU then you should consult your legal department and make an informed decision.

What to do if you don't want to Use Google Analytics?

You should look for a Digital Analytics provider that is based in EU and does not transfer the data to US servers.  We extensively work with Piwik PRO, which is GDPR and Privacy compliant platform based in Poland.  If you are interested to learn more about then feel free to reach out to us at

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