8 Digital Analytics Skill for 2023 and Beyond

2022 is almost gone and it to time to gain your edge by learning the skills that will help you in 2023 and beyond.

Based on what I am seeing in the market today, the following are some of the skills that will be high in demand in the coming years.

1. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - Google is sunsetting Univeral Analytics on June 30th, 2022, The new free version of Google Analytics is called Google Analytics 4 or GA4. This new version is actually an entirely different tool with a new data model, a new interface, and a new way of tracking. Most organizations using Google Analytics will need to either move to this new version or find an alternative. As a result, there will a lot of demand for Google Analytics 4 skills, in both the implementation and reporting side.

2. Piwik PRO - As I mentioned above, many organizations will look for an alternative to GA4. GA4 takes some time to get used to and also has various limitations. There are also GDPR-related issues with GA4. (I am not going to go into the details of those in this position, but am happy to have a conversation if you want). As a result, many organizations are looking for other solutions. One of the best that I like and recommend is Piwik PRO. (I will post more about that tool in my future posts).

3. BigQuery - If you are using Google Analytics 4 (GA4) then you know it has several limitations (sampling, thresholding, and API limits to name a few). These limitations are not only frustrating for the digital analysts' but also can cause stakeholders to lose faith in GA4 and Digital Analysts' skills.  As a result, many organizations are now sending their data to BigQuery and relying on it for reporting. Data in BigQuery doesn't have these limitations. As a result, this skill is going to be in huge demand in 2023 and beyond. (Learn BigQuery at https://academy.optizent.com/courses/bigquery-for-marketers-and-marketing-analysts)

4. Data Analysis and Visualization - Having hit-level data in BigQuery will open up the possibilities of integrating web data with another type of dataAs the amount of data available to marketers will continue to grow, the need for effectively analyzing and visualizing data to extract insights and inform decision-making will grow. If you are going to focus on this skill then learn Looker Studio, SQL, and BigQuery along with Data Analysis.

5. SQL - Not every organization will move to BigQuery. They will use the databases they already have. SQL skills mean you can work with any database and have the skills that are required across the organization. This skill has been and will be in demand for many years.

6. JavaScript- This is a must-have skill for those who want to excel in technical implementation. This skill is also transferable to web development and other areas. If you are technical then this skill will serve you for years to come. (Check out, https://academy.optizent.com/courses/javascript-for-marketing-analytics)

7. Server-Side GTM - Data privacy is going to be a big theme in 2023 and beyond. Most medium and large organizations become more privacy-conscious. One of the things they will do it they will start to move from browser-side tagging to Server Side tagging. So be ready for that if you are a Digital/Web Analytics tagging professional. (Check out, https://academy.optizent.com/courses/google-tag-manager-server-side)

8. A/B testing - the recession is forcing organizations to spend less and make more. A/B testing is a great way to figure out what works and what doesn’t. A/B testing helps organizations develop better products, and better interfaces, remove purchase path frictions, develop better ads, and drive more conversions, and revenue while being cost-effective. This is a skill that keeps you employed for a long time.

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