How To Get Started With BigQuery



BigQuery Sandbox Version

This article will show how to sign up for BigQuery for free. We can continue using the free version or upgrade to a paid version if we need a paid version. In order to use the sandbox version of BigQuery, go to Enter this URL on the browser, and it will redirect to Google's BigQuery Console. At this point, we can continue using the sandbox or upgrade by clicking on the Upgrade option and providing the credit card and billing information.



BigQuery Free Trial Version

Another way to upgrade is by going to URL, which provides a different interface. Click on Try BigQuery free button, provide the required information, go through the process, and set it up. Once everything is done, we will have access to BigQuery. Keep in mind that if we use the Sandbox option, then certain features won't be available on that version. It is better to start with a free trial to get the full functionality and use all the features. There is no auto recharge after the trial ends, and we don't have to worry about being charged automatically.


As it says on the website, we'll get $300 in credit to spend over the next 90 days. We can start to use it, and once those are used, we can cancel and go back to the sandbox version. Google offers a free tier of BigQuery that allows you to store up to 10GB of data and run up to 1TB of queries each month. We can see specific differences in how the screen looks when we use the free trial and sandbox versions.

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