eCommerce Report in GA4 Not Showing Revenue? Here are the reasons.

eCommerce Reporting in GA4 not showing revenue is one of the most commonly asked questions about the latest version of free Google Analytics called Google Analytics 4 or GA4.

In this post, I am going to address those questions. This post will keep evolving as we uncover new issues and solutions.


Currency value is missing

If everything is set up correctly, your events show the value but eCommerce reports don't show the transaction values then it is likely that you are missing the value for the event parameter called "currency". Even though the default currency is what you set in Google Analytics, GA4 still does not recognize that and hence shows no value in the eCommerce reports.

This is one of the top issues I see in most cases.

If you are using dataLayer to set the value of currency then make sure the dataLayer has the value in it.

Currency value is wrong

If you add the currency parameter but don't use the correct value then your reports won't work. Currency needs a 3-character code such as EUR, INR, USD, CAD etc. If you user EURO instead of EUR then the revenue numbers won't show up.


Adding Currency symbol in the "value" paramater

If you add the currency symbol in the value paramater then ithat won't work. For example in the above screenshot it you replace "10" with "$10" then your eCommerce reports won't work as expectd.


Paramater Name is mistyped

If you add the currency parameter as "Currency", with capital C then it is not going to work. GTM and GA tracking codes are written in JavaScript, and JavaScript is case-sensitive, so "currency" is not the same as "Currency".  Make sure the parameter you use is in lowercase.


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