Role of Google Tag in GA4

If you are using Google Tag Manager, you might have seen two options when you setup Google Analytics Tag.

These two options are

  1. Google Tag
  2. Google Analytics: GA4 Event

If you are unclear on these and which one you need, continue reading.

First, keep in mind that in most cases, you will need both tags.

Google tag
The Google tag establishes the data flow from your website to Google Analytics 4.
This tag loads your GA4 property on a particular page by:

  • Declaring common settings for GA4 tags
  • Setting Google Analytics cookies
  • Sending automatically collected and enhanced measurement events

Google Analytics: GA4 Event
The GA4 Event tag lets you send events to GA4. For example, if you want to send a "purchase" event then you will use this tag.

You will also need the Google Tag with the correct GA4 Stream ID, the G- value.

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