Top 10 Reasons to Learn JavaScript

If you are wondering how will JavaScript help you then this email is for you. Below I have outlined the top 10 reasons why you should learn Javascript.

  1. It is a must-have skill for technical marketers. Most marketing analytics tools are JavaScript codes. Once you understand JavaScript you can work with pretty much any marketing analytics tool. (Note: If you are not interested in technical marketing or implementation then you don't need to learn JavaScript. You can discard this email)
  2. It’s the most popular programming language used by professional developers today. Having knowledge of JavaScript will open up a lot of job opportunities beyond Digital Analytics.
  3. It is the language used to develop interactive websites since all the browsers support it.
  4. JavaScript also powers non-internet applications such as smart televisions, the internet of things (IoT), native apps for iOS and Android, desktop apps, etc.
  5. JavaScript is Ideal for newcomers to programming since it is part of every browser and does not require you to install any complex or paid development environments JavaScript is easier to learn as compared to other programming languages.
  6. Once you learn JavaScript, learning other programming languages becomes easy.
  7. There are many hidden JavaScript variables on your site that you can use for Digital Analytics tracking. These values can be transferred and used in tools like Google Tag Manager, Adobe Launch, etc.
  8. JavaScript allows you to transfer data from a web browser to Google Tag Manager. DataLayers that are extensively used for eCommerce tracking are JavaScript codes.
  9. JavaScript allows you to manipulate the content on web pages. You can create a personalized experience using JavaScript.
  10. JavaScript is required for you to master tag management solutions like Google Tag Manager, Adobe Launch, etc.

If you are ready to learn JavaScript then enroll in a step-by-step JavaScrip course that I have created. In this course, you will get video lessons, practice problems, and a community to ask questions. I also provide various Google Tag Manager recipes that you can use right away.


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