Heatmaps showing Clicks in Non-Clickable Areas?

Here is a question that we got from a  user

Our campaign landing pages have a lot of traffic from mobile devices. We see high click counts in regions that are mostly text. I’m trying to determine if some of those clicks are the result of users planting their thumb on the screen to initiate a scroll or if is it due to something else.



  • There is a UX issue that makes the user click in those regions to scroll or do other activities.
  • Users are expecting the text to be clickable but they are not.
  • Rage clicks - users are just frustrated and clicking randomly.


Session Recordings

Session recordings are a great way to get yourself in your user's shoes. It shows you exactly how users are using your site/app.  You don't have to buy expensive solutions for this.  You can use

  1. Microsoft Clarity - a great free tool from Microsoft that allows you to get the session recordings as well as the heat map.
  2. HotJar - one of the most widely used tools for session recordings and heatmaps.


A/B testing

If possible conduct an a/b test by creating two versions or more. One will be your current version and the second will be the one that will move the text to another location. This will help determine if users are expecting the text to be liable or not.

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