How to Get GA4 Client ID

GA4 Client ID is a unique ID that GA4 generates to track users on your site.  This ID is created on the user's first visit to the site and then stored in the browser cookie for future reference.

(also see GA4 Effective User ID)

If you want to store this ID in your backend system or send it to another tool then you will need to extract it from the cookie and pass it to whichever solution you desire.

In this post, I will show you how to extract this ID.  Below are some ways to extract this ID

Google Tag Manager

If you are using Google Tag Manager then follow these steps:

  1. Create a variable of type "First-party Cookie"
  2. Configure it to pull the value of _ga cookie
  3. Create a JavaScript variable type to pull the Client ID part from the _ga cookie
  4. This second variable is the one that you can use to send the "Client ID"


Without Google Tag Manager

If you are not using Google Tag Manager then follow these steps

  1. Write JavaScript code to pull to read _ga cookie
  2. In that code write code to extract the "Client ID" part of the cookie
  3. Return the extracted value as "Client ID"


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