What Differentiates a Beginner from a Senior Analytics Professional?

What differentiates a beginner from senior analytics professional?

Their ability to ask questions and the types of questions they ask.

Let’s take this hypothetical and simple example:

A stakeholder comes to you and says “Can you please track this button?”

Beginners, will immediately jump and start looking for a technical solution to track the button.

Somewhat junior analyst but not a senior yet, will likely say: When do you need it by? I will try to get it done today/tomorrow.

Senior Analyst will say: Yes, we can get it done. When do you need it by? Can I please get some more clarity on what you are trying to achieve so that I can make sure I am tracking the right stuff? Do you also need to capture any additional parameters such as the page user was on when they clicked this button? Where they came from? Maybe how much time they spent on this page etc.?

Analytics manager will likely say: We have other high-property issues that we are working on, what’s your timeline for this? I believe we did something like this for XYZ. Maybe we can leverage that. Let me look into it. Those who are a bit advanced might ask some questions that the Director/VP level asks.

Director/VP will say: Why is tracking this button critical? What are you going to do with that information? How does it impact our goals and KPIs? Let’s say we find out that X% people click on the button but y% don’t then what will we do? What’s the next step?

If you want to learn and rise in your career, think and ask the right questions before solving any issue. Of course, sometime you might find that asking deeper questions is above your pay grade and you might be intimidated to ask questions. That’s ok. This is a skill that comes with experience so the sooner you start learning it the better it will be for your career.

Make sure that while asking these questions, you do not come across as confrontational. Also, do not ask questions just for the sake of asking questions. They have to add value to the task at hand.

Your job is to help your stakeholders achieve success by guiding them and providing them with the support they need to become data-driven.

This is one of the key things I teach in the "Become a Digital & Web Analyst program".

Challenge for you:

What questions do you generally ask?

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Thank you,

Anil Batra

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