How to connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

By connecting Google Search Console with Google analytics 4 you will be able to see your Google Search ranking data in Google Analytics. If that's what you are looking for then this post is for you.

How to connect Google Analytics 4 with Google Search Console

Below are the steps you need to link the two

  1. Login to your Google analytics 4 (GA4) account
  2. Click on "Admin"
  3. In the admin panel, select the property that you want to connect the Google search console with.
  4. Under the property scroll down and click on search console linking.
  5. In the next screen click on the "Link" button". That'll open up the wizard that you will use to connect to the Google search console.
  6. Click on choose accounts. That will list all the accounts that you have access to. If you have a lot of accounts then you can use the search functionality on the top to find the right account. Once you find the right account click on the check box next to it. (Note: you can only select one search console property at this time. This might change in the future but for now one is the limit.
  7. Click on confirm.
  8. Click on next and select the web stream, which you want to connect the Google search console with, and click on next.
  9. Now your connection is ready.
  10. Make sure to review your settings, your property information, and the web stream information. Once you're satisfied, click on submit.
  11. Now your link is created and your data will start to show up in Google Analytics 4 reports


How to check Search Console Data in Google Analytics 4

  1. Click on Acquisition in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click on acquisition overview. This is where you'll start to see all your data from the search console.
  3. Scroll down and you'll see two new cards here. One of them is the landing page information and the other one is the organic searches.
  4. To see the details of any of these reports, simply click on the link underneath them. These links will take you the detailed reports.


How to create a navigation menu to link to the Google Search Console report in Google Analytics 4

  1. On the bottom on the left navigation menu click on "Library"
  2. You will see a card called search console. It has certain reports underneath it. However, this card is unpublished. That means we need to publish it for it to show up in the navigation menu.
  3. Click on edit collection to see which reports will show up in this menu option.
  4. There are two reports in this menu option - Queries and Google organic search traffic.
  5. Click on save.
  6. Click on the "back" link on top of the page.
  7. Now you are ready to publish this collection.
  8. Click on the three dots on top of the card.
  9. Click on publish.
  10. Now the card says "published"
  11. The search console menu option will also show up in the left navigation menu.
  12. Click on the search console menu to see the reports


Search Console & GA4 Link Setup Video

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